ସମବାୟ ସମୀକ୍ଷା ନିର୍ଦେଶାଳୟ, ଓଡିଶା DIRECTORATE OF COOPERATIVE AUDIT, Odisha

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Planning & Development
Under the provisions of OCS Act, 1962 and OCS Rules 1965, the Directorate of Cooperative Audit is responsible for causing audit of 13090 cooperative societies registered under OCS Act, 1962 and functioning under the administrative control of different Government Departments and Directorates like Cooperation , Textiles & Handlooms, Industry, Fisheries and AH & VS. For the first time in the State, yardstick for audit was prescribed in 2002-2003 and on the basis of this yardstick annual audit programme for all auditors covering 100% societies where records are available for audit drawn up since 2003-2004. The result may be seen from the table below.

The Directorate is also responsible for collection of audit fees , which is a non tax revenue of the State exchequer. Besides above , initiating effective follow up action on the audit findings and the power to initiate surcharge proceedings to recover audit recoverable like misappropriation or amount incurred in breach of trust , causing deficiency to the assets of the cooperative society, are also vested with the Directorate. The Directorate has taken a number of steps since July- 1999 to streamline the financial management of various cooperative societies functioning in the state.