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'Audit of Central Cooperative Banks' Guidelines for Statutory- Concurrent Auditors.

Shri Renendra Pratap Swain

Hon'ble Minister Dept. Of Cooperation

Shri. Vir Vikram Yadav, I.A.S.

Commissioner cum Secretary, Department of Cooperation

Shri Bharat Chandra Behera, O.A.S.(Spl. Secy)

A.G.C.S., Odisha

Latest Updates

------------GENERAL EMPANELMENT--------------The list of Empanelled Chartered Accountant firms to Conduct Audit of C.S. under Directorate of Cooperative Audit, Odisha, Bhubaneswar( 440 Nos of CA firms, 39 Pages.) Updated till 27.04.2021 List of CA firms District / area wise to conduct the audit of PWCS, PFCS, MPCS, Cr. CS, Ind CS, TRCS, MRCS, Spining Mills, Milk Union & Other type of CS ( 440 Nos of CA firms, 39 Pages.)

----- TENDER CALL NOTICE (RE-TENDER)------(Closed on 16.12.2019) Re-Tender Call Notice for Vehicle Hiring. Letter No. 7608 / XXI- A 2/2018 Accounts-I dt- 30.11.2019 of DCA, Odisha, Bhubaneswar -

---------------- TENDER CALL NOTICE---------------- (Closed on 18.11.2019) Tender Call Notice for Vehicle Hiring. Letter No. 6878 / XXI- A 2/2018 Accounts-I dt- 02.11.2019 of DCA, Odisha, Bhubaneswar -

Use of Colour pencils for the purpose of audit of Co-operative Societies in the State. Letter No. VI(4)50/10-903 Audit-2 dt-12.02.2019 of DCA, Odisha, Bhubaneswar -

--------------------ADVERTISEMENT-------------------- FOR EMPANELMENT OF CA FIRMS FOR THE AUDIT OF PACS(PRIMARY AGRICULTURAL SOCIETIES) IN THE STATE. Advertisements made in odia daily news paper SAMBAD & PRAMEYA on dt-12.06.2018 and The Samaj on Dt-29.08.2018 -

Operational guidelines for formation and credit linkage of Joint Liability Groups to avail Crop loans. Letter No.VI(I)44/2009-3793(16)-Audit-8 dt-23.06.2018 of DCA, Odisha( No-I-CR-72/18-3950 /Coop. Date-25.05.2018 of Cooperation Deptt, Odisha) -

(PACS)Guidelines governing the appointment and other conditions of service of the employees of PACS No-XX-3-03(Pt)-2859-Bank-10-dt-07.02.2011 of RCS, Odisha, Bhubaneswar. -

(LAMPCS)Guidelines governing the appointment and other conditions of service of the employees of LAMPCS No-XX-3-03(Pt)-2859-Bank-10-dt-07.02.2011 of RCS, Odisha, Bhubaneswar. -

The Audit cost structure and the rate of Audit fees for different Cooperative Societies. Order No: 5015 dt-07.06.2017(Coop Deptt) Memo No:4023 dt:12.06.2017(DCA,Odisha) VI(9)9/2012/Audit-6 dt-12.06.2017

Regarding Maintanance of Audit Certificate Issue Register Letter No. VI(I) 41/2009/1008(16)Audit-8dtd-19/02/16

Circulars & Notifications

------------CA FIRMS ONLY FOR PACS AUDIT ------------- List of Empanelled C.A. firms to conduct audit of P.A.C.S. in the state (144 Nos.) Order No. VI(4)71/2017/7055 Audit-1(B) dt-17.11.2018 Order No. VI(4)71/2017/5266 Audit-1(B) dt-30.08.2018, Order No.2424 VI(4)71/2017/Audit-1(B) dt-24.04.2018, Order No.6942 VI(4) 71/2017 Audit -I dt-13.11.2017, Order No.6127 VI(4) 71/2017 Audit -I dt-26.09.2017, Order No. 2128 VI(4) 71/2017 Audit -I dt-21.03.2020,Order No. 1552 VI(4) 71/2017 Audit -I dt-22.03.2021,Order No. 2227 VI(4) 71/2017 Audit -I dt-27.04.2021 of DCA Odisha.

The Kisan Credit Card Scheme- Detailed Guidelines Letter No- VI(I) 24/2016 -4962(16)/ Audit-8 dtd- 19.08.2019 of DCA, Odisha, Bhubaneswar

Detection of Fraud, Misappropriation and other Irregularities in Audit of Coop inistitutions. Letter No.3162 (16)-VI(I) 12/13 Audit-8 dt-31.05.2018 of DCA, Odisha.

Format for final Con-Current Audit Report of Branches of DCCB. Lt No- VI(4)122/13-2612/Audit-2/ dtd-19.04.2017

Enhancement of monetary ceilling of Surcharge Proceeding Circular No-7972/VI(4)23/2001-Legal dtd-21.11.2015

Inconsistency observed in order passed in Surcharge Proceeding. Letter No-1735/VI(4) 61/2016 Legal dtd-08.03.2017

One Time Settlement(OTS) of Non Performing Assets(NPAs) of-licenced-Primary(Urban)Coop Banks Lt No: 2684 dt:23.03.2017(Coop Deptt) Memo No:2299 dt:05.04.2017(DCA,Odisha)

Guidelines and instructions for the Credit Societies. Letter No.5252/VI(9)55/2016-Audit-626/08/2016

Revised norms for audit classification of Urban Cooperative Banks Circular No. 4606/VI(A)35/15-Audit-2 27.01.2016

Format for preparation of Audit Reports of PACS Circular No. 8999/VI(I)39/10-Audit-8 28/12/2015